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Glenn Todd

Activist organiser, artist, online strategist, frontend web dev + WordPress geek.


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Accelerator Training SERIES – Melbourne


An accomplished teacher, Glenn can simplify and teach you:

  • Using internet and social technology
  • Increase personal efficiency and digital security
  • All the stuff below, plus more training


After many years working with all sorts of diverse groups, Glenn can help you lever the power of the people.

  • Plan and implement digital project management and collaboration systems
  • Run collaborative events that get stuff done such as PressJam
  • Run training events and skillshares such as ActionSkills
  • Create large scale art installations such as the Burning Seed Effigy


Draw from Glenn’s many years of experience working with community and direct action groups. Founder and director of ActionSkills which trains and supports activists.

  • Plan for the most effective way to use tech and communications to win your campaign
  • Look good and communicate clearly
  • Train and empower your people
  • Engage your supporters
  • Use technology to manage relationships and grow your movement
  • Set up website, social and marketing systems

small business

Glenn can help your business work out the best strategy for your website and tech. Founder and director of Dvize Creative, a web design agency with top tier clients and an Australian Mobile Award.

  • Look good and communicate clearly
  • Create a better experience for your customers
  • Improve your digital business processes
  • Have more control of your own website, mobile and tech
  • Build your business with digital marketing


Glenn is a qualified Graphic Designer and also works as a Creative Director. He can create big ideas and make clients stand out.

With a past life as an industrial Signwriter and fabricator, Glenn also produces paintings and installation art.

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